Structural Interference was started in the winter of 2000 by Jeff Harness. The style at the time was distorted, dance oriented Electro-Industrial - sample heavy, and most of the time not serious by any means. This was the first stab at music for the founding member.

In late 2002 thru early 2004 Structural Interference was thrown to the back-burner to pursue a similar musical project with Gale Force in Protocol X. The project saw a member swap and a few finished tracks in that time period. In early 2004 Harness left Protocol X for personal reasons.

Immediately upon leaving the Protocol X project Harness restarted work on Structural Interference. This time the project was heading in a different direction. Before it was only instrumental, this time around vocals were thrown into the mix. This helped push the music in a new direction – a direction that pleased the small group of ears that the project had. The increased enthusiasm for the project in turn increased the drive to push harder. In the spring/summer of 2004 something interesting happened. The projects band roster went from one to three. Two of Harness's friends - Mike Edwards, and Johnny Smith were visiting "bloody brain" studios. While at work on a track the suggestions and creative chemistry that ensued forced a needed change. Soon following that day Smith and Edwards were added to the band. Both having only minimal experience with music, like Harness. This was only a small problem that previous events had proved could be overcome in time. With each new track the quality and thought in the music improved. With Edwards and Smith providing not only a fresh take on programming, but with new thoughts to expand lyrics. This is just the beginning!

Structural Interference’s sound exists somewhere between Electro-industrial and EBM. We utilize PC's running Propellerhead’s Reason v2.5, Sound Forge 7, a Korg Kaos Pad and a Yamaha CS6x.